Advertisement Card

Are you a company or an organization in education industry looking to advertise with Math Log? Then this advertisement card is for you.


Why advertise with Math Log?
Math Log is an open web-page resource serving not just an eClassroom, but a community of learners. Due to Math Log’s clearly defined, specific niche in the education industry, the site attracts constant traffic from users around the world who tries to learn mathematics in the most simplified way. Currently, the management is trying to strengthen its position by providing more resources related to mathematics learning.

Math Log gets high quality traffic composed of students, tutors, and parents who are highly interested on the performance of their children. We also offer online resources, modules, and online assessment for our users.


Low advertisement fees
Math Log offers an advertisement card as part of the management strategy to maintain the website. The management doesn’t advertise to commercialize our service, but it’s only part of our diversification strategy in sustaining the site. To get quotes of our advertisement package, please contact the management.


Note: The advertisement card is developing as the site is under its initial phase.